Supplying 'Wall Art' images and photographs for Office, Private and Public Space

“I am fascinated by how elements in our natural environment combine to influence each other creating images that intrigues. I am also interested in how light, the natural agent stimulates sight and makes things visible. I try to capture these fleeting moments and then manipulate them through enhanced colour, altered shades and shape and bending light curves to create an image that is sometimes realistic and sometimes surreal. I never have a preconceived notion of what the final result will be, each image is uniquely evolved from the original photograph.”

Photographs are supplied to any size, mounted on board, canvas, laminate or framed to any specification. Sold through galleries, based in the UK as limited additions, at ArtsBank and online through Saatchi in America". View Art Folio on my blog. Contact Chris for private sales and enquires.


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